I created Maidenspace Photography in 2017. Having been a poet and performer for 20 years I wanted to explore Photography as a way to express the soul in visual form. Capturing the moments between the moments with the lens where the spirit comes through and the story of a person that is both ineffable and complex can be expressed in a way that is moving. I love to create environments that help the models feel open and expressive. I love to play music and let the models feel free and comfortable and within that space , beauty and sorrow, strength and the story of their life can be told effortlessly. I have a background in fashion and utilize this with my Photography. I love to style my models in ways they may not have thought about before to bring even more of a unique take to their images. I shoot with a mirrorless Sony Ar7ii camera and a variety of lenses . I do creative one of a kind shoots ( tell me you're idea! Im game) , maternity, newborn, engagement, events, weddings, animals, family , senior portraits and school photos . Please contact me for pricing details.